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Walk-My-Dog Program - Animal Hospital

at Auburn Hills

 Animal Hospital at Auburn Hills Walk-My-Dog Program Good Neighbor Early Start in 2020

Safe, fun, outdoor activity while still social distancing

As a good neighbor during this Covid-19 Pandemic, we are launching our free Walk-My-Dog Program 2 months early. 

What is the Walk-My-Dog Program?

It's simple, fun & good for you. The concept is similar to a library's summer reading program but instead of reading books, participants are walking miles with their dogs.

Walk your own dog(s) on your own schedule & on your own route to win prizes.

Since schools are out & many of us are now working from home, we are launching in April instead of June.

Why do it?

Fear & anxiety are at an all-time high. Getting outdoors & walking your dog decreases anxiety & increases your bond even while social distancing.

Studies show that folks who have a training partner are more likely to stay motivated and fit - and that is especially true if your training partner is a dog!

Pull out the leash and the tail is wagging - how can you say no?


“A dog is one of the remaining reasons why some people can be persuaded to go for a walk.”
-- O.A. Battista


Who can participate?

* All ages

* Clients, non-clients

* Dog-owners, non-dog-owners


Ready, Set, Walk!

* Register by emailing Stacey Stamps at staceystamps@loveictvet.com the following information: (1) Human name, (2) human age, (3) dog name (4) dog breed (5) dog weight. The sender's email address will be our way to contact you.

* Download our mileage log & start tracking distance as early as April 1.

* Each walker will need to download a separate log.

* Join our Facebook Events Page (& LIKE our business page!) to invite friends & encourage others!

* Walkers can return their logs in person after July 31, 2020, (no sooner, please) to pick up prizes (while supplies last).

* Logs must be received by August 14 to be eligible for prizes. 


Track Your Distance

* Walkers can use any route, any time of day, as long as they are also walking with a dog.

* Walk your dog, a friend's dog or even with your family group walking a dog.

* Participate in our Facebook Event page sharing your tips & photos for great neighborhood routes & memories.

* Email your walking photos to staceystamps@loveictvet.com for use on our Facebook, Instagram (@loveictvet) and website to help encourage others to keep going!

Meet Your Goal and Win!

* From Aug. 1 through Aug. 14, walkers may bring their mileage logs back to Animal Hospital at Auburn Hills for prizes.

* Walkers may only count the distance walked from April 1 to July 31.

Prizes (choose your level based on mileage): 

* 15 miles - free sunglasses or dog waste bag

25 miles - free bag of Hill's dog treats

* 35 miles - free Courage Fund** T-shirt

* 50 miles - free Courage Fund** plush K-9

* 75 miles - free nail trim

** Our non-profit Courage Fund: Providing free care to Wichita Police & Fire working dogs so their handlers only have to worry about catching criminals and rescuing citizens. See our Courage Fund page for more information.

Overall Mileage Winners

* Top distance walked in the following categories will be awarded additional prizes from area retailers (the 2019 top mileage winner walked 158 miles in two months):

* Human: grade school (grade K-5), middle school (grade 6-8), high school (grade 9-12), adult (age 18-54), senior (age 55+).

* Canine: toy breed (1-10 pounds), small breed (11-25 pounds), medium breed (26-50 pounds), large breed (51-85 pounds), giant breed (86+ pounds).


2019 Walk-My-Dog Program mileage winners:

Overall mileage winner: Sam S. with “Rusty” -  158 miles

Middle School winner: TIE - Hope S. & Simon S. with “Rusty” - 107 miles

Adult mileage winner: Christie D. with “Jazz” - 147 miles

Sr. Adult mileage winner: Vince R. with “Molly” - 128.7 miles

Toy Breed winner: “Lucy” with George & Nancy K. - 121 miles

Small Breed winner: “Spencer” with Kelly A. - 55.5 miles

Large Breed winner: “Max” with Anita L. - 128.7 miles

Giant Breed winner: “Maddux” with Sheree H. - 100.5 miles

2018 Walk-My-Dog Program mileage winners:

Overall Mileage Winner: Christie D. with "Jazz" - 161 miles

Middle School Winner: Ella K. with "Sammy" - 79.12 miles

High School Winner: Kristen M. with "Nutmeg" - 4.46 miles

Adult Mileage Winner: Cheryl S. with "Scotch" & "Rusty" - 92.5 miles

Senior Adult Mileage Winner: Vince R. with "Molly" - 129.8 miles

Toy Breed Winner: "Lucy" with George & Nancy K. - 85.5 miles

Small Breed Winner: "Scotch" with Hope S. - 78.5 miles

Medium Breed Winner: "Rusty" with Sam S. - 98.5 miles

Large Breed Winner: "Max" with Anita L. - 129.8 miles

Giant Breed Winner: "Maddux" with Sheree H. - 80 miles

2017 Walk-My-Dog Program mileage winners:

Overall Mileage Winner: Christie D. with “Jazz” -  220 miles

Grade School Mileage Winner: Simon S. with “Scotch” - 46 miles

Middle School Mileage Winner: Hope S. with “Scotch” - 50 miles

High School Mileage Winner: Lauren H. with “Magnum” - 182 miles

Adult Mileage Winner: Erin K. with “Riggs” - 81.63 miles

Senior Mileage Winner: Anita L. with “Max” and “Molly” - 92.4 miles

Toy Breed Mileage Winner: “Chesney” with Nancy Z. - 161 miles

Small Breed Mileage Winner: “Scotch” with Tom S. - 66 miles

Medium Breed Mileage Winner: “Holly” with Michelle C. - 182.48 miles

Large Breed Mileage Winner: “Blazer” with Frank A. - 56 miles

Giant Breed Mileage Winner: “Romey” with Dave M. - 81 miles


2016 Walk-My-Dog Program winners

Overall Distance winner: 178.5 miles - Nancy Z. and 9-pound poodle mix “Chesney”

Student winners

56 miles - Hope and Sam with “Scotch”

51 miles - Simon with “Scotch”

31.44 miles - Ella with “Sammy”

Adult (ages 18-54)

67.36 miles - Erin with Labrador Retriever puppy “Riggs”

Senior (age 55+)

95.1 miles - Vince with German Shepherd puppies “Max” and “Molly”

Toy breed (1-10-pounds): 55.5 miles - 6-pound Maltese mix “Lucy” with Nancy K.

Small breed (11-25 pounds): 68.5 miles - 13-pound Poodle mix “Scotch” with Cheryl

Medium breed (26-50 pounds): 95.1 - German Shepherd puppies “Max” and “Molly” with Anita

Large breed (51-86 pounds): 46.73 miles - 75-pound Husky-German Shepherd mix “Zeke” with Kim

Giant breed (86+ pounds): 46.73 miles - 97-pound Great Pyrenees-Anatolian Shepherd mix “Emma” with Kim


2015 Walk-My-Dog Program winners:

Overall distance winner: Anita & Vince & “Sheela” – 147 miles

Toy breed winner: “Chesney” & Nancy – 110 miles

Adult winner: George & Nancy & “Pete” & “Lucy”– 66 miles

Grade School winners: Simon/Hope/Sam & “Scotch” – 61/46/47 miles

Small breed winner: “Scotch” & Thomas & Cheryl – 58 miles

Medium breed winner: “Sammy” & Ella – 38 miles


2014 Walk-My-Dog Program winners:

Overall distance winner: Michelle & "Holly" – 161.4 miles.

Pre-School winner: Dylan & “Cilla” – 14 miles

Grade School winner: Grace & “Hurly Bear” – 36 miles

Adult winner: Nancy & “Chesney” – 63 miles

Senior winner: Gene and Trish & “Dolly” – 38 miles

Toy breed winner: “Sugar” & family – 11 miles

Small breed winner: “Lexy” & Jessica – 34.5 miles

Medium breed winner: “Sammy” & Ella – 13 miles

Large breed winner: “Chewy” & Nikki – 29 miles

Giant breed winner: “Rocky” & Quentin – 24 miles


2013 Walk-My-Dog Program winners:

Overall distance winner: Michelle & "Holly" - 169 miles

Grade School winner: Kiersten & "Buddy" - 11.5 miles

High School winner: Madison & "Winston" - 6.5 miles

Adult winner: Pattie & "Roxie" - 57 miles

Senior winner: Anita & "Sheela and Shelly" - 99.6 miles

Toy breed winner: "Lucy" & Nancy - 28 miles

Small breed winner: "Lucy" & Nancy - 28 miles

Large breed winner: Susan & "Molly" - 46.2 miles 


2012 Walk-My-Dog Program winners:

Overall distance winner: Jean & "Rugan" - 176 miles.

Grade School winner: Kiersten & "Snowball" - 11 miles.

Adult winner with 1 dog: Phil & "Jake" - 151 miles.

Adult winner with 2+ dogs: Nancy Z. & "Petey" "Scruffy" & "DannieLynn" - 101 miles.

Senior winner: Anita & "Sheela" & "Shelly" - 99.7 miles.

Small breed winner: "Shelby" & Martha - 93.25 miles.

Small breed honorable mention: "Boomer" & Christine - 83.75 miles.

Medium breed winner: "Holly" & Michelle - 58.8 miles.

Large breed winner: "Madison" & Roman & Vangie - 100.16 miles.

Giant breed winner: "Romey" & Kathie & Dave - 168.5 miles.


2011 Walking Program (originally called Walk-a-Dog-a-Thon) winners:

Overall distance winner: Mary S. with German Shepherd, "Lexi" - 200 miles

Senior adult winner: Anita L. with German Shepherds, "Sheela and Shelly" - 46 miles

Adult winner: Phil J. with Rat Terrier, "Jake" - 76 miles

Middle School winner: Kacey C. with Miniature Schnauzer, "Bella" - 36.5 miles

Grade School winner: Caden J. with Australian Shepherd, "Aussie" - 22 miles

Small breed winner: "Pete" the Poodle with Nancy K. - 53 miles

Medium breed winner: Schnauzer "DannieLynn", Poodle "Petey" and Schnauzer "Scruffy" with Nancy Z. - 38 miles

Large breed winner: Golden Retriever "John Henry" and Labrador "Tess" with Don A. - 54 miles

Giant breed winner: Italiano Spinone "Romey" with Kathy M. - 73 miles



Walk your own pet on your own schedule on your own route to win prizes in our annual Walk-My-Dog Program by Animal Hospital at Auburn Hills in Wichita, KS