Surgery Center - Animal Hospital at Auburn Hills - Wichita, KS

Animal Hospital at Auburn Hills

13303 W. Maple, Suite 143
Wichita, KS 67235


At Animal Hospital at Auburn Hills we are here for you and therefore have a separate surgical suite for optimum safety.

Every patient anesthetized will have an IV (intravenous) catheter in place before, during and until your pet is well awake and recovered from anesthesia.

We use a heated hydraulic surgical table, a Bair Hugger warming unit (which forces warmed air into a channeled blanket that is placed around the patient), to keep your pet warm and cozy during its procedure.

Our surgery suite is also well-equipped with vital sign monitoring equipment that will continuously measure heart rate, ECG, respiratory rate, body temperature, the amount of oxygen in the blood (pulse oximetry), and blood pressure.

The most important monitoring tool we have is a trained veterinary technician dedicated exclusively to your pet while anesthetized--all this to ensure the safety and pain-free comfort of our patients during surgical procedures.