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Read to Your Own Rex program - Animal Hospital at Auburn Hills

Strengthen your child's human-animal bond with our Read to Your Own Rex program: annual summer program sponsored by Animal Hospital at Auburn Hills

Become the person your pet thinks you are with our expert veterinary care, love-building support, & year-round community!


Win prizes for enjoying a fun, kid-friendly activity that strengthens your child's human-animal bond

What is the Read to Your Own Rex Program?

  • The program is simple, fun & good for you.
  • Read at least 5 books aloud to your own pet - Rex or Bella or Whiskers - & return your reading log for prizes at Animal Hospital at Auburn Hills.
  • Your pet can be a dog, a cat, a fish, a turtle or any other living creature.
  • Read at least 5 books to win prizes. Read 15 books to win a Courage Fund** plush K-9.


June 1 to July 31, annually



Why do it?

  • Kids will lose more than two months of reading achievement - often dubbed the "summer slide" by literacy experts - if they do not read over the summer.
  • By the end of 6th grade, kids who lose reading skills over multiple summers could be two years behind their classmates, according to Reading is Fundamental. 
  • Since many kids choose devices over books, reading practice is needed more than ever.
  • Read to Your Own Rex can help!

Pets are great listeners. Even if they can't understand the story - pets understand the bonding.


Who can participate?

  • Children 12 years old & younger
  • Clients, non-clients
  • Pet owners, non-pet owners (read to your friend's pet!)


Ready, Set, Read!

  • Registration is no longer needed. We will collect that information when logs are turned in.
  • Download & print our reading log & start tracking your book titles & authors.
  • Start tracking books as early as June 1.
  • Read at least five books aloud to your pet. Ideally, the books should be at the child's reading level.
  • Readers can return their logs in person after July 31, 2020, (no sooner, please) to pick up prizes (while supplies last).
  • Logs must be received by August 14 to be eligible for prizes.
  • Participate in the Read to Your Own Rex Facebook Event page sharing your tips & photos & memories.
  • Email your reading photos to staceystamps@loveictvet.com for use on our Facebook, Instagram (@loveictvet.wichita) & website to help encourage others to keep going!

Meet Your Goal & Win!

  • From Aug. 1 through Aug. 14, readers may bring their reading logs to Animal Hospital at Auburn Hills for prizes.
  • Prizes distributed in-person only.
  • Readers may only count books read aloud from June 1 through July 31.

** Our non-profit Courage Fund: Providing free care to Wichita Police & Fire working dogs so their handlers only have to worry about catching criminals & rescuing citizens. See our Courage Fund page for more information.

We're all in this together. Can't wait to hear your stories & see your successes!


Jax reads to Bumblebee Kitty and Xander reads to Kirk in the annual Read to Your Own Rex program by Animal Hospital at Auburn Hills in Wichita, KS



Pet parenting is hard. We help you solve veterinary problems & strengthen your human-animal bond. In other words, to love better so you become the person your pet thinks you are.


"Dr. Stamps is an amazing veterinarian. My husband & I have been bringing our cocker spaniels to him for almost 20 years. He is a truly gentle & kind person. When several of our dogs reached the end of their journeys due to old age, he guided us through the process showing so much compassion. He is our vet for life!"

- Trish Taylor

* Animal Hospital at Auburn Hills is a family-owned small business in west Wichita (13303 W. Maple, Suite 143, Wichita, KS 67235). We also serve our friends in Goddard, Clearwater, Maize, Colwich, Viola, Garden Plain, Cheney, Andale, Andover & Augusta. Voted Wichita's favorite veterinary clinic in the Wichita Eagle Reader's Choice Awards.


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