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* Animal Hospital at Auburn Hills is a family-owned small business in Wichita, Kansas. We also serve our friends in Goddard, Clearwater, Maize, Colwich, Viola, Garden Plain, Cheney, Andale, Andover & Augusta.


Become the person your pet thinks you are with our expert veterinary care, love-building support, & year-round community.

Registered veterinary technician Charla at Animal Hospital at Auburn Hills in Wichita, KS

Charla, RVT

Charla - Registered Veterinary Technician


Charla is our gentle, registered Veterinary Technician who has a special place in her heart for seniors - those aging dogs & cats who simply need more as they get older.

"I love senior pets!" Charla said. "I sometimes feel they get forgotten so I try to educate clients about their specific needs" including dental care & regular blood screenings. 

Charla's favorite childhood memories center around her cat Crayola who was her constant companion from kindergarten through high school, until she passed away when Charla was 20. Her dogs Tuffy & Waddles were special too, but Crayola was her favorite.

 "She slept with me every night and was so special to me," she said. "She only liked me - which drove my sister crazy."

Charla said she always liked the idea of working with pets so when a veterinary hospital was hiring 18 years ago, she "pounced on it!"

She started working in their kennels, became a receptionist, then a technician. After many years in the field at various veterinary hospitals, she went back to school & passed her state board exam. She joined Animal Hospital at Auburn Hills in 2012.

Her philosophy on pet care can be described by a quote from Robert Brault:

"I believe in animal rights, and high among them is the right to the gentle stroke of a human hand."

She & her husband Brenden and son Jax have a Labrador Retriever named Tony that they adopted from a client;  and Bumble Bee Kitty that Charla adopted from a friend a few years ago. 

Charla is a member of the Kansas Veterinary Technicians Association and the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America.

In her free time Charla enjoys reading, exercising, playing with Jax and several church activities including teaching Sunday School.



Registered veterinary technician Tracy at Animal Hospital at Auburn Hills in Wichita, KS

Tracy, RVT

Tracy - Registered Veterinary Technician


Tracy is our sensitive & compassionate registered veterinary technician who had so many pets growing up in Albert, Kansas, that it just makes sense to work with dogs & cats full-time.

"I love pets. I love the fact that I can help be a voice for pets who cannot speak for themselves,” she said. 

Her philosophy about pet care is that “every animal deserves care, respect and to be happy and healthy,” she said. “They are here for us and we should be here for them too.” 

Tracy graduated from Colby Community College with an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science. She has been a Kansas Registered Veterinary Technician for 13 years. She joined Animal Hospital at Auburn Hills in 2014. 

Tracy treats all patients as if they were her own, & said she enjoys the challenge of helping dog and cats. 

“We have patients who can’t tell us what is wrong or where something hurts,” she said, “and it is our priority to figure it out.” 

Outside of work, Tracy enjoys spending time with her daughters, Sheldiah and Cailyn, and her husband, Roger.

The family is rounded out by two dogs and two cats: Toby, 2, a Boxer who is always into everything; Chance, 7, a Chocolate Lab she rescued from a client who couldn’t care for him; Cookie, 9, a Siamese mix who loves to cuddle; and Charley, 6, a long-haired black cat who “is my little Lab trapped in a cat’s body!” Charley loves to eat & sunbathe.

Tracy also enjoys scrapbooking and fishing when she can find the time. 

At the end of the day, she said she loves to come home to her pets “because no matter what happened while I was away, they are all there to greet me when I walk through the door.”



Receptionist Misha at Animal Hospital at Auburn Hills in Wichita, KS


Misha - Office Administrator


Misha is our energetic & upbeat office administrator whose love for animals pulled her into the veterinary industry.

After working five years as a veterinary receptionist, she moved on to human medicine, only to get drawn back to the furry, four-legged patients. 

“I love the veterinary industry,” she said. “Working with animals, educating myself and pet owners is very fulfilling. Working with animals brings me joy.”    

A perfect day at work, she said, would include seeing a litter of puppies or kittens, & helping a sick pet feel better.    

“Seeing new life & helping a little animal feel better, makes you feel better,” she said.    

Misha & her husband, Matt, and 14-year-old son, Xander, keep busy with “Riker” a Labrador/Pit mix, “Faith” a 13-year-old Siamese, and a Fan-Tailed Goldfish named “Mike”.    

In her spare time, Misha cheers loudly for her son at his cross country and track meets & she stays active exercising every day as an avid member of the YMCA.    

She is also passionate about comic books and pop culture.    

“My husband and I are pretty big geeks – we are Trekkies, we collect comics & attend usually one Comic-Con a year. We do not, however, dress up” for them," she said with a laugh.



Charly Kernbach, veterinary technician at Animal Hospital at Auburn Hills in Wichita, KS


Charly - Veterinary Assistant

Charly is our outgoing and kind-hearted Veterinary Assistant who has practiced her craft in two countries - the U.S. and Germany! In fact, she has dual citizenship. 

Although her heart belongs in both countries - since she has family in each - her pets are here in the states. She has 6 dogs and 1 cat, which is a change from her childhood experiences. 

“We always had cats,” she said. “I grew up with Jerry, Milka and Gina.”

Charly chose veterinary medicine because the field is so complex.

“All animals are different. I love to know how everything works inside,” she said. “It’s fascinating & it’s a field where I never stop learning.”

She said the well-being of her pets is her first priority so she’s passionate about their daily exercise - & walks them for miles!

“A tired puppy is a good puppy!” she said.

She said she’s most passionate about “understanding the client’s concerns,” she said. “Helping in a team to get their fur babies better.”

Charly’s love for animals affects more than her occupation. It’s also why she’s been a vegetarian since she was 11.

“I was always interested in animals,” she said. “The medical part came with my mom & dad.”

Outside of work, Charly enjoys traveling, hiking, animals, & dancing.

Taylor Ternes, veterinary technician at Animal Hospital at Auburn Hills in Wichita, KS


Taylor - Veterinary Technician

Taylor is our spunky and inquisitive Veterinary Technician whose class of 2019 was the second ever from the newly created WSU Tech veterinary nursing program. 

She said her obvious answer for pursuing veterinary medicine is “I love animals” but it’s also to be “able to give an extra level of care to someone’s animal.”

Growing up in Arkansas City, her family had 3 horses, many cats and dogs, chickens, goats, & rabbits, she said, & made her the pet-lover she is today. Although not all pet memories were positive, she said.

“Being trampled numerous times by our horses is pretty interesting,” she said. And “I always wanted to snuggle our cats...always ended up with swollen face from poison ivy!”

Today, she has a Quarter Horse named Lana, from her Mom, and a Corgi named Tebow, from a friend. 

She adopted an abandoned-at-a-QuikTrip kitten that someone brought to our veterinary clinic in October 2020. That sweet kitty is now named Chandler and is living her best life!

In her free time, “when the weather is fitting” she enjoys riding horses, photography, hunting, fishing, running, & swimming.

Taylor is CPR-certified for dogs & cats, and said her passion for pets & her philosophy for their care go hand-in-hand.

“I believe you should give the care for your pet as it was your child,” she said. “Making sure they are living the best life possible.”

She added: “Verrrrry thankful for my amazing co-workers & such a great atmosphere - workplace - clinic. God really blessed me with the perfect job!”

Stacey Stamps, Community Relations Director for Animal Hospital at Auburn Hills in Wichita, KS


Stacey - Marketing & Community Engagement


Stacey is our good-natured Marketing & Community Engagement director who has found herself in a most unlikely profession.

"I have more than 100 allergies, mostly to animals," she said. "Being married to a veterinarian kind of makes us an odd-couple but I love it here."

Growing up, Stacey's family tried unsuccessfully to adopt some dogs, only to have to find other families for them when allergy flare-ups & asthma attacks would land her in the hospital.

"My worst memory is giving away Barker, a Beagle mix puppy," she said. "As we drove away, he ran after our car as if to say, 'you forgot me!' My sister & I cried all the way home & everyone was secretly mad at me."

Today, Stacey, Dr. Stamps, & their three kids have a Standard Poodle named Reagan who was a Humane Society puppy and who - ironically - has allergies!

Reagan is nearly 15 now and only recently stopped swallowing random household objects such as socks, buttons and toothbrushes.

Their family also includes "Kato" - also known as Queen Kato the Clinic Cat. 

In her spare time, Stacey enjoys spending time with family (& Reagan), attending her weekly women's Bible study, and reading.

"What a fun culture we pet owners live in. There really is a human-animal bond," she said. "Even though I'm a late-bloomer, I love being able to experience it."




Pet parenting is hard. We help you solve veterinary problems & strengthen your human-animal bond. In other words, to love better so you become the person your pet thinks you are.


"I fell in love with the staff at Auburn the very second that I brought our sweet Bella girl there for a second opinion in January. In only 5 short months they have become very near & dear to our hearts. Our Bella lost the battle with her illness only a few days ago. I would have never wanted anyone else to have been by her side/our side. She was loved beyond measure by all who met her. Thank you Sarah, Tracy, Misha. We are forever thankful for the kindness & love you have provided our family. We are blessed to know you as was she. I recommend everyone to come see for yourselves how wonderful this practice is."

- Cindy Molina

* Animal Hospital at Auburn Hills is a family-owned small business in west Wichita (13303 W. Maple, Suite 143, Wichita, KS 67235). We also serve our friends in Goddard, Clearwater, Maize, Colwich, Viola, Garden Plain, Cheney, Andale, Andover & Augusta. Voted Wichita's favorite veterinary clinic in the Wichita Eagle Reader's Choice Awards.


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