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COURAGE FUND - Animal Hospital at Auburn Hills

Courage FUND at provides free veterinary care to Wichita Police Department K-9 Belgian Malinois Nash and Wichita Fire Department Search & Rescue Labrador Retriever, Sailor

Courage FUND at

We are privileged to provide free veterinary care to Belgian Malinois "Nash" of the Wichita Police Department's K-9 Unit and to Search & Rescue Labrador Retriever "Sailor" of the Wichita Fire Department.

Here's how the Courage FUND all began...

An excited, young police officer named Dustin Nail stopped in to let us know he'd just been chosen to become a handler for the Wichita Police Department's K-9 Unit. He said he wanted to establish a veterinary relationship before he met his new dog who would likely be coming all the way from Holland!

We congratulated him and thanked him for his service to our community. Then veterinarian Gary Stamps said he'd be honored to take care of 100% of veterinary costs.

It was a blessing for all of us!

But the blessings didn't end there...

Dr. Stamps' high school daughter, Anna, was scheduling senior portraits with local photographer Stacey Dershem, who had also learned about our WPD donation. Ms. Dershem added her own photography donation to capture the bond between Officer Nail and Nash in Wichita's Swanson Park on a beautiful October day in 2017.

A giant canvas print hangs in our reception area of Officer Nail and Nash, as well a as a lovely canvas print of Anna Stamps with our clinic cat, Kato!

Wanting to do more for the K-9 Unit

* we held a fundraiser in April 2017 to support all the dogs in the WPD K-9 Unit, raising $7,000 that went directly to the unit

* then folks asked how they could help us provide free veterinary care but we realized their donations would not be tax-deductible

* we researched a way to allow our community to help these amazing service dogs and get a tax-deductible receipt for doing so

* we partnered with the Veterinary Care Charitable Fund through the American Veterinary Medical Foundation!

* we created our Courage FUND at and launched its Facebook page October 2018 - a year after our original photo session!

* when we heard about the Wichita Fire Department's first ever Search & Rescue dog, Sailor, we were thrilled to partner with her handler, Captain Chad Winton

... we have also already said "YES" to a future bomb-sniffing dog in 2019 and look forward to serving more COURAGEous dogs.

Here's how it works:

The Courage FUND is managed through the American Veterinary Medical Foundation, a 501c3 tax exempt charitable organization and every dollar raised is used to care for Nash, Sailor, and future COURAGEous dogs we meet.

Donate to the Courage FUND here


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