We help you LOVE better together through trusted pet boarding

Animal Hospital at Auburn Hills

13303 W. Maple, Suite 143
Wichita, KS 67235



We love boarders - Animal Hospital at Auburn Hills


We leash-walk our boarding dogs three times a day at Animal Hospital at Auburn Hills in Wichita, KS


It is hard enough to leave our pets behind when we need to go out of town.

Our imaginations can run wild with anxiety.


You can board your pets with us!

Who better to provide for your pets and their needs than their own doctor and staff? 


We board dogs, cats and exotics.


*clean, climate-controlled run or kennel

* accommodations cleaned & disinfected once daily or more frequently if needed

* freshly laundered bedding daily for our guests (who do not chew or attempt to ingest bedding)

* leash-walk dogs outside 3 times a day - rain or shine & holidays

We offer this "Members Only" benefit to our clients who bring their pets to us for regular health care.

Our clients can travel in peace knowing their pets are in a clean facility with folks who already know and love them.