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Animal Hospital at Auburn Hills

13303 W. Maple, Suite 143
Wichita, KS 67235


About Us - Animal Hospital at Auburn Hills - Wichita, KS

Dr. Gary Stamps and his wife, Stacey, opened Animal Hospital at Auburn Hills in 2008. After practicing 17 years as an associate in Wichita for other veterinarians, Dr. Stamps needed to create a place where his patients and their families could feel connected and supported in addition to experiencing outstanding medical care.

We like to help and share the love. We are open during the lunch hour, we adjust our schedules when your pet needs immediate attention, we are up-to-date on veterinary advances. We will connect you with specialists who could help your pet further, if needed. We remember faces and names. We will say "hi" if we see you at the grocery store. We are your neighbors, your veterinary clinic, and hopefully, your friends. We share the love.

Thank you for choosing us to care for your special furry family members. If you're just checking us out, come by for a tour, we welcome questions and phone calls. We share the love. 316-729-7400.

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